Saturday, May 16, 2009

The mind of a four-year old...

Can anyone REALLY know what goes on in the mind of a four-year old? Besides the four-year old?

I have just spent the last two days with my four-year old nephew. We had the BEST time in the least I did. :) We went for lunch at Incredible Pizza, we played with Play-dough, we colored pictures, we played Hot Wheels. Who can ask for more?!?

My nephew is the most adorable child in the world. I am not willing to compromise on that, so if you don't agree with me, too bad. He is smart, too. Very, very smart. Scary smart. Pretty sure that brains run in the family. ;) You know how kids "say the darndest things"? He is no exception. So I ask again...can anyone REALLY know what goes on in the mind of a four-year old?"

I have TONS of pictures but since I am posting from my dad's house, I can't upload them. Watch for them on Monday. :)

I miss my raven! I talked with my roommate this morning. She is taking very good care of raven, I know. I'm not worried about her at all...I just miss her. As much as I am enjoying my time here, I am looking forward to being home. In my own bed, in my own house, with my own truck, and my own raven.

No post tomorrow--I'll be on an airplane. I am getting ready for my brother's graduation and party to follow. Many more pictures will be taken. :)

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