Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 2 OR Is this really happening?

I so thought that Day 2 would be WAY better than Day 1. LOL! Silly me!

It started out good. I had a teacher out today, but I knew that was coming. I was prepared. Things were going smoothly, classes were progressing well--well, we were really only completely through 1st period. Then. It. Happened.

I got a phone call. A child fainted in Mrs. X's room. I rush down there (as fast as I could in heels) and sure enough, there were four adults tending to one child laying on the floor. I was sent to fetch ice. I came back with said ice and then was able to talk to my student. Very, very long story short.....child went to ER. He is fine. Was a little queasy because of something that was shown in class. But really. THE SECOND DAY OF SCHOOL?!?!

Is it wrong that I am dreading the third day of school??? :(

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  1. Doozier is a fun word! I vote for more made up words on your blog!