Friday, September 4, 2009


....I was mildly scolded again for not being more faithful with my blogging. It isn't that I haven't wanted to blog, but this thing or that has prevented me from doing it. Excuses, I know, but truth nonetheless.

My week wasn't too bad. It's Friday and, looking back on the week, Monday seems like it was so long ago! I didn't think my week was going to turn out all that well....Sunday I locked myself out of the house. Who DOES that?!? To say I was upset would be a HUGE understatment. I had to call my roommate at church and she graciously came home to let me in. It was a HUGE inconvenience for her and I so appreciate her doing it for me.

Monday and Tuesday were relatively calm. Wednesday was hectic at first as I sent the high school off on their annual retreat. Did I go? Bwhahahahahahah!!!!!!! Um.....(wait for it)................
..........N.O. No, I did not go. I stayed behind to (a) work with the middle school students and (b) get some much needed paper work done.

Thursday didn't start out well. I ended up going into work late because I had a BAD night Wednesday night. It ended up not being too bad of a day, though. Actually, Thursday ended quite well. :)

That brings us to today. Friday. Payday Friday. Payday Friday on a long weekend. One of THE best Fridays in the WHOLE YEAR. School was ok today. Tonight miss raven and I are having movie night. I will make cheesy popcorn (mmmmmmmm) and we will watch a movie. Which movie? Hmmmm.....not sure. Beverly Hills Chihuahua, maybe. ;)

Have a great (llloooooonnnnnggggggg) weekend! :)

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