Monday, October 19, 2009

She wants me to LIE on my blog and other randomness

So, I asked my BFF today..."What should I blog about?" Her response?? Blog about how much you LOVE winter. :-o She wants me to lie on my blog??

So I asked her again....her response??? Blog about how much She LOVES football. She wants me to lie on my blog TWICE??? :-O

So...what should I blog about? My new found love of Grey's Anatomy? (I am SO behind!). The fact that I am a week late sending my niece her birthday card? (I feel AWFUL about that--I really, really do.) The G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S yarn that I got this weekend for some fun new projects? (OMG--can I say GORGEOUS?!?!) The ADORABLE new little shirt I got for miss raven? (she looks delicious in it!) I know! I'll blog some more about my job....

Last week (after Tuesday) got better. Today was actually good. I was SUPER busy today and that is no understatement but it was a good busy. I am encouraged because I haven't been as stressed out as I was for those couple of weeks. I am not silly enough to think that I won't have any more stressful days for the rest of the year, but I am trying to work out a better way to deal with them. That's progress, right?

Yesterday I made chili. It has been chili-weather up here and my roommate was going to make chili so I copied her. Only I got creative and decided to try something new. I made chili with buffalo meat. It is a little "gamey" but very tasty. I impress myself sometimes. :)

The football gods were smiling upon me yesterday. (come now, you didn't think I would go through a whole post and not say ANYthing about football, did you--quit rolling your eyes, you-know-who...) The redskins lost (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!), the giants lost (the Saints came marching in) AND......wait for it......wait.........the eagles lost, too! Just perfect and proof positive that God does in fact love the Cowboys the best. ;)

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