Thursday, February 4, 2010

I feel like a rollercoaster....

and i hate roller coasters. (note to all you grammar purists: this will be an all lower-case post. i'm in that kind of mood. if you don't like it, leave.)

up. down. up. down. that pretty much sums up my emotions as of late. i know that if i was more grounded, if i trusted more, i would probably be more stable. can i blame it on the wii? remember, it did tell me that i was unbalanced.

yesterday was bad. today, not so much. ok news, pretty good news, excellent news. all that, in that order, today. what looked helpless now isn't. it may not be exactly what i want but it is better than what i had to look forward to yesterday. my reward for trusting? not sure.

can't share the ok or the pretty good news yet. i will when i can, i promise. i can, however, share the excellent news.

well, i said i could share it. i didn't say i would share it. not tonight anyway. i'm tired and i am going to bed. besides. the six of you that actually follow my blog won't be reading this until tomorrow, anyway. ;)

oh--i am open to questions, just like last week when i got a whopping ZERO to answer. i knew i was uniteresting, i just didn't realize how uninteresting i was.

have a HAPPY, HAPPY friday! :)

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