Thursday, February 18, 2010

wordless wednesday, errrr....

I mean, Thursday. Sorry, I'm a day off. All those snow days have really confused me! :)

Anyway--this really isn't, as you can already tell because you are smart like that, a wordless post. What it really is, though, is a conversation that took place between me and miss raven last night. Enjoy!

Me: Here sweetie, I filled your bowl up with food!

miss raven: Yea! mommy!!

Me: Enjoy!

miss raven: sniff, sniff, wait! what is that my super-sensitive nose smells? Could that be, could it be, is it....yummy food??? (roots around in the bowl) IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: please, sweetie, don't fling your food all over the floor. Mommy really doesn't feel like cleaning it up.

miss raven: too bad! (crunch, crunch, crunch)

Me: grabs camera and takes the following picture/video:

(note the floating kibble in the bowl. does she care? no. she knows i will get it out for her.)

miss raven: (jumps on the bed, sits in my lap facing me) B-E-L-C-H! thanks, mommy! that was great!

Can you see why I love her so much?!?! :)


  1. Little Miss Raven, I believe you have your mommy trained VERY well...hee hee :)

  2. I Loved little Miss Raven's video! She's precious!