Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I do believe...

that Spring has sprung!!!! At least, I hope so.

When I got home today it was so nice outside that I immediately took care of some urgent personal business, changed my clothes, and took miss raven for a walk. I wore FLIP-FLOPS!!!!! The rest of the week it is supposed to be in the SIXTIES!!! By the end of the week it is supposed to be in the HIGH SIXTIES!!! I LOVE warm weather!!! :)

please excuse the overuse of the "!" If you can't tell already, I am thrilled about getting rid of winter!

Today was better than yesterday. I paid bills (whoa! How can that be considered good? I had the $$ to pay them.), ran to the bank to deposit my paycheck, stopped at Safeway for a FREE tall extra-hot, skinny, peppermint latte, finished my taxes (cha-ching!), and told off my supervisor.

Oh. The last part? (sigh). I got mouthy. Very, very mouthy. I am not proud. I was so frustrated because I was trying to make a point but I wasn't allowed to talk. It isn't that I don't like my supervisor because I do. I also respect him. however, sometimes he can be SO stubborn. And so can I. I know your surprised to learn that about me. (BFF--stop rolling your eyes and shaking your head right this instant. It isn't nice.) Anyway. I got a little, um, carried away. I had to apologize. I need to learn to handle conflict better when it comes to my supervisor. Actually, what I need to learn how to do is argue my point better without (a) getting frustrated and (b) getting mouthy. Any suggestions?

hang on. i need to visit my happy place. mmmmmmmmm..........peppermint latte...................... mmmmmmmmmm....................peppermint latte....................mmmmmmm ..................................... venti java chip light frap........................

Ok. I'm back. Thanks for waiting.

The Biggest Loser is on tonight. I really like that show. I don't know if it is the inspiring stories, or the fact that there is as much drama on that show as there is at school. Maybe both.

Funny story: I took last Friday off. (that isn't the funny part. wait for it.) Our middle and high schoolers that have detention serve it on Thursday after school for an hour. Apparently there was some drama during detention. (Did the teacher call me? Nooooooo. Of course not!) I come back to school yesterday and, while I was sitting in my office trying to get some catch-up work done I hear a knock on the door. It was the student most responsible for the drama. She was sweet and humble while talking to me. She goes on and on and on telling me how rude the teacher was and how much she didn't deserve to be treated like that. How dare he disrespect her?!? She was politely outraged that anyone would DARE to treat her so horribly, her being completely innocent and all. (How I managed to type that without choking, I do not know.) After further investigation I found out that not only was the teacher NOT rude to her but that she was, in several students' words, "off the chain!"

One more funny story:

Me: What are you chewing? (note--I already knew the answer to the question.)

8th grade boy: (quickly and with much guilt) Nothing!

Me: (incredulous, I-can't-believe-you-just-lied-to-me look plastered all over my face) WHAT ARE YOU CHEWING? (note--all caps does not mean I was shouting in this instance. Actually, I never shout at them. It doesn't work. I talk softer. THAT works. All caps is for emphasis only.)

8th grade boy: um. gum. (DUH!!!!!!!)

Me: Go spit it out and come get your detention.

8th grade boy: Can I appeal it?

Me: Seriously? No. If you had just, I don't know, TOLD ME THE TRUTH, all you would have had to do was spit out the gum. Dude! You lied to me! You keep the detention.

8th grade boy: Ok.

Really? Do they think that I ask questions I don't already mostly know the answer to?

Where is my happy place again???

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  1. Loved your stories! You know your BFF toooo well...:) Have a WONDERFUL day!!! :)