Saturday, May 15, 2010

How to Feel Old....OR.....Our Jr/Sr Banquet

Last night I felt old.  Older than I have felt in a while.  If you are feeling young at the moment, hang out with teenagers.  Then you, too, will feel old.

Last night was our school's "Prom."  We don't have a prom in the truest sense of the word because, well, with only 17 Juniors and 15 Seniors, it's kind of hard to have a "real" prom.  We have a Jr/Sr Banquet which the kids have taken to calling a prom in the last few years because I think it makes them feel like they have actually gone to a school big enough to warrant calling the end-of-the year bash a "PROM."

I wanted to feel pretty last night.  I bought a new dress, I got my nails done, I had my hair done (thanks, Freddie!  You are so multi-talented!).
I thought I looked GOOD.  Then.....I got there.  And then.....the kids showed up.  And then.....I.  Felt.  OLD.  sigh.

The kids looked great, though.  I am pretty sure they had a good time, although the can I say this nicely?......well, he pretty much sucked.  Yeah.  A prom with no music does not a fun time make.  The kids started leaving an hour early to go to their after-parties.  I felt bad for the Juniors who worked so hard to make it a nice evening.  Their sponsors, too.

I had a good time, though, even though I felt old.  And my feet hurt.  But I looked good. :)

And so does miss raven! :)


  1. Yes, we did look good! Amazing what a mani/pedi will do for you!(But it sure is hard to type with acrylics :)) I sure felt old, too! Some of the music was seriously annoying (a very old people thing to say)and our students are gorgeous!

  2. I thought you looked great in your new dress! It was too bad about the music. I felt bad for the kids, because it was after all their night. I thought the food and the desserts were good too :-)

  3. WOW you look AWSOME my BFF!!!!! :)
    Love the nails too!