Friday, June 11, 2010

A note from miss raven...

Today's guest blogger is miss raven.  Enjoy! ;)

i know that my wonderful, adorable, beautiful, intelligent, witty, gorgeous, mommy has told you all about me and how we met.  i know that she is intelligent because, after all, she was smart enough to take me home with her almost seven years ago.

i would like to tell you how i spend my days.  i wake up at the ungodly hour of 6:30 because my mommy wakes me up when she gets out of bed.  don't you think that is rude?!  anyway.  she makes me go outside to take care of me personal business.  i don't think that is very fair because SHE doesn't go outside for that.  do you know how cold it gets up here in the winter?!?  we go back inside and i nibble on a few cheerios while she drinks her coffee.  just when i get all cozy in bed, she makes me get off MY bed so that she can "make" it.  i don't get that, really, because the bed is ALREADY made.  duh!

after she pulls my covers up and puts my pillows on my bed, i jump back up and snuggle on the pillows for my pre-morning nap, nap.  i snooze for a bit then get up and wander around.  i may or may not eat some crunchies at this point.  it depends on how hungry my tummy is.  sometimes i eat some crunchies before mommy leaves for work.  i make her go to work every day because how else is she going to get money to buy things for me?

after that it is time for my morning nap.  sometimes i sleep on my bed, sometimes i sleep on the couch, sometimes i sleep in a sun-spot.  i do love a good sun-spot.  i snooze some more.  just about the time i wake up from this nap, it is time for mommy to come home.

when mommy comes home she takes me outside again.  i do my business and i bark.  and bark.  and bark.  i am good at barking.  mommy and i play for a little while with some of my toys.  then i take my afternoon nap while mommy does stuff to make the house nice for me.  after mommy eats dinner she feeds me my dinner.  sometimes i eat it, sometimes i don't.  it depends on how i feel and if i want to make mommy worry about me or not. :)  i get my treats after dinner and sometimes i eat some more crunchies.  sometimes, if i really feel like freaking mommy out, i won't eat my supper but then i scarf down a whole bunch of crunchies.  hehehe. :)

right about this time i need a good tummy rub.  i will jump up into mommy's lap and make sure that she can't ignore me.  have you ever seen the pictures of snoopy acting like a vulture?  he learned that from me. :)

when it is time for bed i jump up and snuggle with mommy.  she pet me and kisses me and calls me her baby.  see?  intelligent. ;)

well, i hope you enjoyed reading all about my day.   hopefully mommy will let me do this blog thingie again and i can tell you all about how she tortures me by taking me to a house with THREE other dogs!  two of them are icky boys and one of the icky boys is huge and always tries to bother me!  he's scared of me, though, because one time i bit him on the nose because he put his big, wet, cold nose right on my butt!  how rude!

the end.

p.s.  did i mention my mommy is beautiful?? :)


  1. OMG!!! That was TOO funny!!!!!
    And yes Miss Raven, your mommy is beautiful...inside and out!!!! :)

  2. That was so funny! Miss Raven is quite the Diva, just like Diamond Diva Princess, the Mini-Me Raven!