Monday, July 12, 2010

a little hiatus...

i'm still here, please don't worry.  girlie and i are ok.  well, girlie is.  i need some time to process some things right now and i really, really don't want to make this blog all sad and depressy like i did at the beginning of last school year.

i'm not quite sure when i will pop back in, hopefully sometime before the end of the week or so.

keep enjoying your summer, stay cool, and keep girlie and i in your thoughts. :)


  1. Hope all is well. :(

  2. Keep your head up! Praying for you my dear BFF!!!!

  3. Hope your all right. I saw your question about the interview on my blog and thought I'd answer here because I'm not sure my email notification to comment replies is working.

    Anyway, at the top of my blog there is a red button that says "Want to be featured?" or something like that. Just click there and then answer the questions and email them to me. I'm trying to do one person a week and will just post them in the order I get them :) It's open for everyone :)