Saturday, August 14, 2010

Things that make me want to scream....

1.  Traffic/accidents on every avaliable route to where I am trying to go.
I was supposed to visit some family tonight and I couldn't because of accidents/traffic jams/road work on EVERY avaliable way to go.

2.  Wanting something so much and watching everyone else get what you want.

3.  Having years of blood/sweat/tears/prayers seemingly mean nothing because of a handful of complainers.  No proof, mind you, just "complaints."  No talking to anyone else, either.  That would be...fair.

4.  Waking up thinking that you are going to get something you really need that day, REALLY need, only to find out, rather impersonally, that you are going to have to wait another week.  Gee, I hope that the people who need what I have to send will be as understanding as I am.

5.  Knowing that my BFF is too far away for me to visit.  This one also makes me want to cry.

That's all I can think of right now.  I'll let you know if I think of more.  I am hoping that I won't be as whiny and complainy tomorrow.



  1. For us it's construction everywhere. I've gotten to the point now that I just sneak through the closed off roads because otherwise I can't get anywhere!!!

  2. I definitely feel u on 3, 4 and 5 :( I'm praying things get better soon, 4 us all.

  3. I REALLY hope and pray that things get better for you! Sorry that my moving makes you want to cry. :( Miss you BFF!!!!!!!