Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Do you ever wonder...

if what you read in blogs that you follow is really true?

What you read in my blog is true...I promise you that.  Sometimes I wonder, though, if what I read in other blogs really happens.  Did her kids really say that?  Did they really go there?  Did that really happen to them?

There is one blog in particular that I follow where I wonder that alot.  It always seems a little off, if that makes sense.  Lately the author of that blog has come under more and more scrutiny because of what gets posted on the blog.  When things like that happen I find myself more and more thankful that I don't have that kind of readership.

Work is still stressful and, if you don't believe me, you only need to watch my caloric intake as it rises drastically once I get home.  I am literally eating myself crazy.  I think I hit rock bottom tonight.  It pains me to confess this but I actually ate graham cracker....crumbs.  I hate myself.  Sigh.  I have to start doing it right.  I have to.

On a positive note...the weather the last few days has been almost nice.  I am looking forward so much to Friday.  Not just because it is Friday but also because it is supposed to be SIXTY-SIX DEGREES!!!!!  Annnnddddd....did you know that ONE month from today is March 1, also known as the FIRST DAY OF METEROLOGICAL SPRING!!!!!!!!  aaaahhhhhhh......warm is good!

Oh--one more bit of happy news!  He:
being the amazingly brilliant child that he is, apparently won "sweepstakes" in his science fair!  According to his father, that means that he won BEST IN SHOW!  He project was, and I quote:

The best way to wash your hands.  Petri dishes with agar in them were used.  After petting their rather large cat, Child Genius cleaned his hands using various methods.  He placed his hands on each of the different dishes after each different washing method.  The growth of bacteris cultures were observed for the next 12-72 hours.  Additionally, due to his inherited brillance, he was able to astonish the judges by verbalizing what he had learned.

I submit that the child is brilliant and colleges, at this point, should be offering him scholarships now.  I hope the admissions counselors at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton are paying attention.

Way to go, N!!!  Auntie M is proud of you!!!! :)

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  1. Dear BFF as I texted you last night while I was eating (not light) ice cream and watching The Biggest Looser...how SAD is that??? I have hit rock bottom too! Gotta get back on track!

    Just a side note on the weather here...it has been in the 60s and is supposed to hit 70 this weekend...ahhhh I am loveing it!!!

    and lastly...
    WAY TO GO MR. N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!
    WAY TO GO N!!!!!!!