Monday, June 6, 2011

It's (still) ALIVE....

Yes, my friends, this:

lives on.

But not for much longer.  Oh, no.  Not for much longer.

I spied the beastie last night as I was about to turn off the light and go to sleep.  It darted out from underneath my bed and went under the dresser.  At first I thought that my eyes were deceiving me.  Surely the thing must be gone.  And then.  Then I saw it skitter from underneath the dresser to BACK UNDER MY BED!  I threw the sheets and mattress off the bed and then lifted the box spring.  No beastie.  Just evidence of said beastie.  Hauled out the vaccuum cleaner and vaccuumed everything in sight under the bed.  Thew away two blankets (I can make more), and got back into bed.  Did not sleep.

This morning:  On a whim I decided to look under the dresser again.  Took out the bottom drawer and found two pieces of miss raven's food.  My blood pressure went through the roof and believe me, I would have crushed the thing myself with no guilt whatsoever had I had the chance.  Pulled out the other drawer and found something small, sticky, and red.  It took me a moment to figure out what it was.  Then, in horror, checked the traps.  Oh, don't worry.  It wasn't blood.  IT WAS THE CRAISIN I WAS USING AS BAIT!  The beastie got in to ALL FIVE of the traps in the bedroom, at the craisin, and escaped.  WITHOUT SETTING THE TRAPS OFF.

This. Means. WAR.

I was sure that I would go to Lowe's after work today and buy poison.  I even had the battle plan all laid out.  I chickened out on the poison when I got to Lowe's, though, for two reasons:
  1. I can't run the risk of miss raven getting in to the posion.  If anything happened to her because of the beastie I would die of grief.
  2. With my luck in this whole situation, the beastie would either (a) not eat the poison to begin with, or (b) eat the poison and die in the wall somewhere leaving me with a demonic odor for up to eight weeks.

So instead I got the plastic traps that snap down and "kill them instantly".  They don't have to crawl into these like the other (worthless) ones I bought.  These are reusable and even though I actually have to see the (hopefully) dead beastie, it is a faster death then using the glue trap things.  I also got these supersonic-noise-emitting thingies that plug into the wall.  There were three of them so I put one in the kitchen, one in the living room, and one in the bedroom.  At this point there are 5 (useless) traps, 4 (hopefully) useful traps, and 1 sonic noise thingie.  Now, I am lousy at math, but I am hoping that TEN mice killing/deterring things in ONE room will eliminate this problem.

I'll keep you posted.


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