Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A clean bill of health...

Guess what?


got a clean bill of health from the vet today!  She can eat crunchy food and crunchy treats again!  She is very happy and so am I. :)  We celebrated by going to Petco and buying a new bag of crunchies, some treats, and a few birthday presents.  Don't worry, I made sure that she wasn't looking when I put the presents in the cart.  It wouldn't do for her to see her presents early.


A great big THANK YOU to my brother, sister-in-law, and the kiddos!  I used my gift certificates to my LYS this weekend and picked up this
and this
I so, so , SO wish you could feel the pumpkin yarn.  It is so soft!  I have it next to my chair so that I can reach out and give it a loving little squeeze every now and then.  It is Cascade Alpaca Lace and let me tell you...it is some of the yummiest yarn I have ever had.  I can't wait to find just the right project to use it on.

I love the blue, too.  It isn't quite as soft but I think the colorway is gorgeous!  It is a merino/silk combo from Miss Babs and it is called Wreck of the San Felipe.  For some reason that just tickles me.  I love the creative name.

So, thank you, loving family for my gift.  I promise to put it to good use. :)

Yarn Along tomorrow!

BTW--don't you just love the new placemats?  I think they are so bright and cheerful.  :)
I got them at Target over the weekend.  They were originally $2.99 and were marked down to $1.48.  I figured I could handle getting two at that price.  When I got to the register, they rang up at $.74!  SCORE!!!


  1. Y-E-A for Raven!!!!!
    LOVELOVELOVE the new yarn!!!!!
    Don't ya just LOVE a great sale?!?!?!?!

  2. So glad to hear Raven is all good :) Love the yarn. Any luck on material for the chairs?