Sunday, December 18, 2011

A few more thoughts...

from my last post and then a few new ones...

Disclaimer:  This post will also discuss religion.  If that offends you, please come back tomorrow.  :)

The more I thought about the events of last week, the snarkier I started to get.  It isn't that I am arrogant in thinking that Christ is the only way to Heaven, although I know most (if not all) unsaved people think that, it was the attitude that I had over the last few days that I have been wrestling with.

My attitude was one of "Ok.  Keep Believing what you believe.  We will find out in the end who's right and, um, I hope you like things hot."

I told you.


I'm not proud of it.  Because really, I am sad.  I have family members who, if they continue to chose to reject Christ, will spend eternity in hell, separated from Him forever.  That breaks my heart.  It truly does.  I love my family regardless of the fact that we don't agree on everything and I don't want to see them suffer eternal separation from God.  I pray for them.  I beg God to show Himself to them in ways that will cause their hearts to soften and to accept Him.  Sometimes I feel that it is a hopeless cause because they seem so entrenched in their ways but I know that, with God, ALL things are possible.

And so I keep praying.

It has been a nice weekend.  I went out with a good friend of mine yesterday and I got a new cell phone!  So far I am happy with it, although it does make me feel old because there are things that I think I should be able to figure out but I have had to have help with a lot of it.  The funny thing is, today I don't feel anywhere near as old as I really am.

Go figure.

My Cowboys won last night!  Whoop-whoop!  We needed that win and, to make things better, the redskins did me a HUGE favor and beat the giants today.  Sadly, though, the Jets are losing to the eagles and that bites.  I don't like the eagles.

I got all my work-related Christmas presents wrapped today and they are waiting by the door to go in tomorrow.  I am looking forward to tomorrow.  Both my class and the other fourth grade are going Christmas caroling at a nursing home and then out to eat for lunch.  This will be our Christmas Party.  It is brilliant, really, because this means we won't have to clean up anything in our rooms or figure out what to do with all the extra food.  The restaurant can take care of that.  I've already had the "talk" with my kids.  They know what I expect and I am confident that they will behave.  My mantra to them is "we are not third graders and we are not fifth graders.  We are polite, obedient, respectful fourth graders."  They love when I brag on them and they love when I tell them how the other teachers all compliment them because they are such a good class.  I am SO blessed to have them this year.  Yes, even Snowflake.

Who, by the way, actually attended a WHOLE WEEK OF SCHOOL.  All five days.  IN A ROW.  No absences, no early departures.  Yes, Snowflake, it can be done!  :)  A couple of her friends told me on Friday that Snowflake told them that she wasn't coming back after Christmas.  While that wouldn't sadden me, I'll believe it when I see it.

All right.  I still have some presents to finish crocheting so...

Nighty night!


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