Tuesday, December 13, 2011


will be bulleted for your reading pleasure ease.

You're welcome.


  • Today was a good great day.  We had an all school assembly and, since I knew it would be Christmas-themed, I went all out.  Santa hat, Christmas pin, and ornament earrings that flashed on and off.  Oh.  The kids L.O.V.E.D.  it.  I so rock and am the coolest teacher on my hallway.
  • SS was there today.  This is the second day in a row which means that she will probably be absent tomorrow.
  • I found out after school that SS's mommy complained about me (again) to the principal.  Yesterday I was in a generous mood and gave out candy in math.  I rarely do that because I don't want to deal with the sugar high so candy in my classroom is a BIG treat and a BIG deal.  Anyway.  I made them wait until the end of the day to eat their candy (remember...I don't want to deal with the sugar high).  SS got a lollipop and had it in her mouth when mommy came to pick her up.  Mommy asked where she got it and SS told her that I had given it to her.  Mommy said "Oh, that was so nice.  I hope you told her thank you."  They met the principal on the way out and he made a comment about her having candy.  He asked where she got it and SS told him that I gave it to the class.  Before he could say anything, Mommy says, in a very sarcastic tone, "Yeah, she gives them candy and then sends them home for us to deal with."  Um.  Yeah.  I have no words.
  • Totally random.....I am currently eating dessert....Pumpkin spice pudding.  O.M.G. so amazingly delicious.
  • My babies are just about finished with their picture frames.  In case you didn't know, they are all painting/decorating unfinished wooden frames (from Michael's) for their parents for Christmas.  I took all of their pictures and printed them out at Walgreens.  I have six kids who need to finish up tomorrow and then they will wrap them on Thursday.  They are pretty excited and have done such a good job.  I'm really proud of them.
  • I got my first Christmas present today!  One of my students gave me a gift card to Target!!!!  Whoo-hoo!!!!  You know how much I love me some Tar-jay!! :)
  • As you know, the scarves are FINISHED!  As promised, here are some pictures!  Enjoy!

 The NINETEEN scarves

 redskins fans

 eagles fan, packers fan, um... origami fan

 for the girls

 more girls

 the last of the girls

 the two jumbled scarves pictures, just because

I really, really hope the kids like them! :)

Good night!


  1. The scarves look great! Glad you had a great day.

  2. You do TOTALLY ROCK BFF!!!!!
    LOVE the scarves and I know that the kids will too!
    I would LOVE to have words with SS's mom!

  3. Wow! You are so going for teacher of the year! AND you made scarves in Redskins colors (which kind of look like bacon, by the way :))?! The scarves are awesome!