Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Tuesday...

note:  There was not post yesterday as a protest.  A protest that it was Monday.  If you aren't aware, I loathe Monday.

This will be short and sweet.

It is 6:43 and I should be getting ready for work.

I am, however, blogging because I have had two people ask me questions in my comments and I would like to answer them before they leave thinking that I forgot about them.

Question 1, from LoriAnn, was about my latest crochet project.  I am currently working on a baby set for a friend that is, well, having a baby.  Should the weather agree with me this afternoon I will take some pictures and post them.  My goal is to finish everything before spring break thus allowing me to begin Babette!!!  :)

Question 2, from Jamie, was about considering an electric lawnmower.  I actually did consider that before buying my gasoline powered lawnmower two years ago.  I came up with two reasons that I couldn't (didn't) get the electric one:  (a) my power outlet outside doesn't work.  In order to make it work I would have to call an electrician.  Electricians have this funny habit of wanting to be paid for their work.  I have limited funds that do not include an electrician at this time.  This is also the reason that my bathroom outlet and back porch light don't work (they are all on the same breaker.)  (b)  My yard is a little too large for an electric lawnmower.  Seriously, I'm not even kidding.  I would need a large extension cord to get the whole yard mowed.  I do have an electric (cordless) weed-whacker.  I generally (barely) get around the whole yard before needing a re-charge. I have to wait another hour or so before I can do the front.

I hope I answered your questions sufficiently.  Please feel free to ask more.  It keeps me from having to come up with topics for the blog.  :op

Now, I MUST go get ready for school.  Have a happy Tuesday and look for another post this afternoon complete with pictures!

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  1. Can't wait to see the project!


    Wellll you could make a jungle themed back yard and not mow at all! ;oP