Monday, April 2, 2012

Have I ever told you...

that I loathe Mondays?



I also apologize that my blog has been rather "list-ish" of late.  I am sorry, but, well, here we go with another list.

1.  I made a bee-line to Dunkin Donuts after work today.  Today was the third in my series of six free iced coffees.  I intend to claim EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.  I think the guy there knows me by now.  I am anticipating being able to drive straight up to the drive-thru window next week without even having to bother to order.  :)

2.  I have mice...again.  Sigh.  After dinner tonight I re-baited and reset all the traps.  I am not looking forward to having to empty them but I hate those little buggers.

3.  I had a completely fabulous dinner tonight.  I have been pretty lazy about cooking of late but tonight I had half a strip-steak, cooked to perfection, half a potato, and a handful of sauteed mushrooms.  Very tasty, if I do say so myself.

4.  To celebrate the end of the third quarter of school, I treated my angels to lunch.  I made hot dogs and bought chips, pickles, and popsicles.  Everything was going wonderfully until the end of the day.  I walked down the hallway to the restroom to shoo out a few girls who were chatting away.  The closer I got to the restroom, the clearer their conversation became.  Turns out, they were talking about me, and not in a nice way. My first thought was.......well, I won't tell you what my first thought was.  I stood there and waited for every single one of them to exit.  Two of the three that I heard had the graciousness to at least look embarrassed, but the other one, who tells me all the time how much she loves me and how I am the best teacher ever, just breezed right past me like nothing was amiss.  Long story short.....One of the girls apologized right away on Thursday.  She was so upset and genuinely sorry.  This morning I laid on a thick, thick layer of guilt (my mother would be proud) and got two more apologies.  Interestingly enough, one of the apologies was from a girl I didn't even think was involved but she felt guilty enough to confess.  We will see what tomorrow brings with the other girl.

5.  I have grading to do so....

Good night!


ps.  pray the mice die tonight.  all of the mice.


  1. Ummm I don't even have to order at Starbucks...they just tell me to pull around... :o) But hey, it's my only 'vice' so I smile and say thanks!

    Mice...UGH! We had that issure a couple of weeks ago...I HATE THE CREEPY LITTLE BUGGERS!!!!

    YEAH for a GREAT dinner! You can cook very well!!! :o)

    I won't tell you what I thought of the little brats either. I am happy that they did apologze!

  2. Oh, how I hate mice. We had an infestation awhile back in our old house. It was pretty disgusting.