Friday, August 3, 2012


I'm really trying to get back into blogging more consistently.  So, looky here...three days in a row!  Could this be considered a streak??

I scored an amazing deal at JoAnn's today.  They were having a great sale AND I had a coupon for 25% off my entire purchase INCLUDING sale items.  That almost never happens so I wanted to take full advantage.  I did get a couple more pairs of circular needles, some point protectors, some ribbon, and two knitting books.  The books were already 40% off and then the whole 25% off thing was added to it.  YOWZA!

Normally I don't bother with ribbon.  I'm not crafty like that.  My BFF had tons of ribbon and can do amazing things with it.  I needed to get some, though, because I found this really cute idea for my classroom. You take a length of ribbon, hot glue wooden clothespins to it, hang it up, and viola!  instant paper hanger!  I love this idea and am already planning on using it in a couple of ways, including writing the names of each of my students on a clothespin and using it as a sort of mail system.  :)

The other idea was to take contact paper, trace your hand on it, cut it out, write something positive on it, and then stick it to the kid's's a "pat" on the back.  I really, really like this idea and went out and got the contact paper today as well.

Right now I am trying to figure out what novels I want the kids to read this year.  At the top of my list is the Black Stallion.  I am also considering The Borrowers and The Mysterious Benedict Society.  Anyone out there have any other suggestions?

The countdown has begun.  The football countdown, that is!  September 5th is the kickoff and I am SO ready for some football.  As much as I have LOVED my summer, I cannot wait until football begins.

Stop rolling your eyes and making faces, BFF.  It isn't polite.



  1. Very neat ideas for your classroom. I would recommend Skellig for a reading choice. I don't remember the author, but I'm sure you could find it on amazon. It won several children's book awards.

  2. SCORE!!!!!
    Cool ideas with the class room!!! SSOOOOOO wish that I had a class room again!
    And lastly... EYEROLLLLLL...LOL!!!! Yu CRAZY football people!!!

  3. Popped over from Snort's blog. I also want to blog more frequently, but you've already got me beat this month! I erase and re-start my blog every year or so. Let's hope this time sticks!

  4. Great classroom ideas! I can totally relate to the excitement of the school year and having new ideas. It's such a fun and optimistic time of the year. Have fun getting ready!

    Book ideas: Hatchet or something else by Gary Paulsen, The Secret Garden, A Wrinkle in Time, Bridge to Terabithia, a nonfiction or two, such as a good biography