Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Not even a chance...

Here I am again!

Yea me!


Not to brag or anything, but today was another good day.  To be honest, I still can't believe how good I have it.  I have the best class in the school, good parents, and a great boss.

Right now, life is good.

Football officially starts tonight.  So, so happy!  My COWBOYS play the giants in New York and, to be fair, I don't really expect them to win.  However, NO ONE seems to be giving them a chance.  Not even a wee little one.  That makes me sad.

I'm not gonna lie.  I won't be watching the game (I get too frenetic and it totally FREAKS miss raven out) and I am not going to be all "I have to turn on the TV to see how badly we beat the giants" tomorrow morning.  If (and that really is a big IF) we win, I will hustle to the nearest convenience store and purchase a paper to take with me to school tomorrow morning, but I won't be setting the alarm any earlier, if you know what I mean.

Don't you hate it when someone gets something you kinda really wanted and then does nothing but brag about it?  Kind of makes you want to....

Never mind.

I don't have a Yarn Along post today mostly because I haven't been reading much.  I did get a copy of Mockingjay (the third in the Hunger Games trilogy) yesterday but I haven't started listening to it yet.  I may put the first disc in a little later since, you know, I'm not watching the game.

I am knitting and still loving it.  Why didn't someone tell me how much fun it is sooner?  I haven't crocheted in a while and, to be honest, I don't miss it.  I am working on my Striped Study shawl.  Sorry, if you aren't on Ravelry, you won't be able to see it (I don't think...)  I love this pattern but my wrap-and-turns aren't so great.  I also need to learn how to carry the yarn up the side for color changes because:

  • all those ends to weave in are going to be a youknowwhat
  • the stitches on the side where the ends need to be woven in are kind of loose--I an hoping I can tighten them up a bit after I block the thing.
I am hoping to have a progress/almost completed picture for you soon, but for now...

Good night!



  1. So glad you are having a great year! You more than earned it and richly deserve it!

  2. WHOOHOOOOO two posts in a row!!!! Don't spoil me now BFF!!!! wait...spoil away!!! :o)
    I will NEVER understand you football people...blablabla...I think I will forever be a disliker...
    Can not wait to see your shaw!!!! I will have to look it up on raverly!