Wednesday, December 12, 2012

it's the most busiest time...

of the year.

no kidding!

school has been crazy busy.  my kids are wonderful and i love them so much.  even at 1:37 when i feel like the day will never, EVER end and i don't think i can take anymore.  they bring so much joy to my heart.  they have such a good reputation in the school. not only are they freaking BRILLIANT, they are also respectful, obedient, and well-mannered.  they almost make me want to move up to 6th grade next year.  almost.

did i  mention how freaking brilliant they are?  they did an amazing job on our first benchmark testing and rocked the science test today.

i'm so proud of them!

on the knitting front:

  • i finished the present that i was making for my niece.  can't post pictures right now because it is a christmas present.
  • i am currently working on a scarf.  i totally love the pattern and am proud of myself because i am (successfully) following a chart.
  • NEWS ALERT!!!  i am taking a SOCK knitting class in february!!!   so. freaking. excited.!!!!
that is all for now.  i still need to work on the scarf and survivor is on.

have a great night!



  1. They are rocking their grades so much because they have such an AWSOME teacher!!!! SOOOO happy that you are loving your job again! You are such a WONDERFUL teacher!
    Can't wait for my socks! :o)

  2. Clutch the pearls! A freakin sock knitting class! WHOO HOO! Well I know what I'm getting for my birthday! ;) Your students are blessed to have such an awesome teacher! I'm sure their parents are pretty happy about it too ;) Hope to see you soon.