Sunday, January 6, 2013


the weekend.

how i love it.

i really didn't do too much this weekend.  lesson plans (blah), grocery shopping (blah), a little cleaning (blah), signed up for my first sock class (WHOO-HOO!!!!!!!), and football (bittersweet, end-of-the-season games).

i thought about baking for my kids, but i didn't.

i did go to brunch this morning.  i was sitting in the diner, eating my rye toast, scrambled eggs, home fries, and scrapple, when all of he sudden i hear, "hi, miss olsen".  DANGIT?!?!  is *no* place safe from students anymore?


i actually think it's kind of funny when i see kids out of school.  they kind of look at me like they can't believe i have a life outside of the classroom.

miss raven is doing well.  she's sleeping now and i think she is adjusting to me being back at work.  we had a few puky days on wednesday and thursday, but she seems to be ok now.

my brother and sister-in-law got about five inches of snow in texas. AFTER I LEFT.  i don't mind that they got the snow, but i do mind that we haven't gotten any yet.  i would like a good snow day.  or two.  or three.

have a great monday!


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  1. AHHHHH football is ALMOST over!!!! One of my favorite times of the year!!! ;oP I will NEVER understand you football people!

    Can not wait for my socks!!!!

    I soo remember that look of the 'wow' on my studend's face when they realized that I lived outside of the classroom! TOO FUNNY!!!

    SOOO glad it was TX and not TN with the white stuff!!!