Saturday, June 27, 2009

blueberries for melicity...not sal.

I went blueberry picking today. It was my roommate's idea and a good one, I must say. I wasn't sure about the whole idea of picking blueberries because that requires one be outside. You nature. Amid the bugs, tree worms, inch worms, flying things, etc. I am not a "nature" person. Hiking...nope. Camping...bwah, hah, hah, hah!!!! My idea of camping is a Motel 6 (or 8 or whatever number they are) instead of a Marriot. I DO NOT CAMP. God, in his infinite wisdom never meant for me to sleep under canvas in a sleeping bag. Without a normal bathroom around. Eeeeewwwwww.

Anyway...blueberry picking, aside from bugs, was fun. And, to be honest, there weren't THAT many bugs. I took my camera so that I could document the whole me-being-out-in-nature thing, but left the camera in the car. You'll just have to believe me and wish that you could smell/taste the fresh blueberry muffins that came out of the oven a little bit ago. ;)

I also took miss raven for a walk this afternoon. She LOVES to go for a walk. The only problem is she pretty much gags herself on the leash because she is so excited she won't walk nicely. Today, though, I took her out on the retractable leash with her harness. Also forgot the camera for that. She had a great time but was hot when we came back in. She is rested though and now requires my attention as she wants to play with her squeaky stingray. Yes, you read that correctly. She has a squeaky stingray. Spoiled? I prefer to think of it as well loved. ;)

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