Thursday, July 30, 2009

Anchors, away!

I took my dad to Annapolis today. I have never been to downtown (historic) Annapolis except when I would take my fourth grade class to the state house on a field trip. It felt nice to go there as a grown-up without constantly counting little heads to make sure I have everyone. Trust me--I wasn't worried about my dad getting away from me. ;)

Annapolis is beautiful. I think that I may have mentioned before that Baltimore isn't really a pretty city. There are pockets of beauty, this being one of them:
(that was for someone in particular), but for the most part, Baltimore is pretty industrial. Annapolis, however, is just plain pretty. Here is my proof:
At the recommendation of someone, we ate lunch at Chick and Ruth's Delly. It was awesome. There is something to be said about good deli food. What did I have? Wellllll...I had a veggie burger. Wait...quit rolling your eyes and thinking what a wuss I am. I did have onion rings with it and they were heavenly! I highly recommend Chick and Ruth's if you are looking for some down-to-earth, alebeit, not quite so healthy, yet very yummy food. :)

We also stopped in at Paw's, a bet boutique. miss raven and Gracie both got cookies:
Oh, yeah. They liked them. Cannoi for miss raven and a peanut butter daisy for Gracie. Just in case you were, you know, wondering. :)

We went to the mall and I not only now have unlimited texting (Y.E.S.!!!!) but I also now have a Blackberry! Whoo-hoo! I feel so, so..."tech-y"! LOL!!!

Dad took me to eat Chinese food for dinner...mmmmmm....and hey, no Rita's tonight! Yes, I am feeling just fine, thank you. :)
Oh--one final picture, just because I like it:

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