Friday, August 28, 2009

Are you ready?

For some FOOTBALL?!?!?

(disclaimer: if you have the unfortunate luck to be sitting in a law firm in Ohio you probably will NOT enjoy the beginning of this post. Scroll down for a better topic, keeping in mind that if you aren't careful, the face that you are making right now WILL freeze that way. ;P )

I {heart} football. I do not try to hide that fact. Yes, it IS a GAME. I understand that whoever wins the game on Sunday (or Monday, or Thursday, or the occasional Saturday late in the season) will not change what is going on in the world. You know, the important stuff....poverty, national health care (NO! NO! NO!), war, famine. I get it.

Again. I {HEART} FOOTBALL. I can not wait until the first Sunday game of the season. I can't wait to hear that it is, in fact, football night in America. I can't wait to see my COWBOYS! play their first game in their brand-spanking new, fan-freaking-tabulous stadium (sorry, Jerry Jones, I don't give a rat's hiney WHAT you call it, the home stadium for the COWBOYS! will A.L.W.A.Y.S. be TEXAS STADIUM. At least you aren't a sell-out like (ahem) dan snyder). I can't wait to see Terry Bradshaw make a moron out of himself on national TV. I am greedily anticipating that first Sunday and it is ALMOST HERE!!!

I am, in fact, ready for some FOOTBALL!!!

The end of the season used to be bittersweet for me. I love watching the Super Bowl, even in my 'Boys aren't there. And, no, not just for the commercials. But, it is the END of the season (oh, please, the Pro-Bowl SO doesn't count!) I used to go to a friend's house to watch THE big game. We were good friends, at least I thought we were. We haven't spoken since March. That makes me sad. I'm not sure exactly what happened, except that I got tired of being the "friend"-that-gets-the-call-when-I-have-nothing-better-to-do. I finally had enough when I got accused of spreading rumors about her. The last time I checked I was an adult, not a teenager, and oh-by-the-way, have WAY better things to do with my time then talking about someone who was SUPPOSED to be my friend. What ACTUALLY happened, I believe, was that she found someone "better". I was REALLY hurt for a while. This was a person who I had really confided in, shared secrets with. I cried with her, she cried with me. She was one of the few people who I knew I could talk to after my mom passed away. It hurt to know that I wasn't good enough for her anymore. I am not the type of person who needs many friends, so to have someone who I REALLY thought was a good friend turn on me like that hurt deeply. So this season, when it comes time to watch the Super Bowl, I am anticipating watching it alone. I will try not to be too sad. Heck, maybe miss raven and I will throw a party for two. :)

Speaking of two (and dang this is looking like a LONG post)....

Today was the end of week two at school. Only a bazillion more to go. Possibly a slight exaggeration. I suppose it just seems like that many. So...good things that happened this week:

1. Whoo-hoo! A slight raise starting in November!!!!!!!

2. miss raven and I got our picture taken AND I found out that my local JC Penney also does portrait sittings with pets!!!

3. Pre-season football tonight!

4. Cheese popcorn (sigh)

5. Thunderstorms

6. Finding my new favorite song(s). I am totally into Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz. I'm not sure if that makes me lame or not and frankly, my dears..... ;)

7. A tentative solution to a problem that I was wrestling with over the weekend. It is not the solution I want, but it never will be, no matter how much I want it to be. (But I digress, this is supposed to be good things from the week, not sort-of ok things.)

8. My increasing love for my Blackberry. I think that may deserve it's very own post.

9. Finding out on Wednesday that I am 9.4 away from where I want to be.

10. miss raven. She will always be on ANY list of GOOD things that happen to me. I {heart} my girlie!

Have a fantastic weekend!! :)

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