Friday, August 14, 2009

what a week....

This has been quite an interesting week.

Monday--the beginning of another school year is upon me and with it many new changes. We have a new administrator at our school. He seems like he is going to do a good job, but there is always an uneasiness and "unsureness" when a new leader comes on board.

Tuesday--I am fairly happy with the teachers on my team this year. Although I have many new ones, I have the faith that they will do well. I also have fantastic returning teachers who will not only do well with their own classes but will help the new teachers "learn the ropes."

Wednesday was what I expected it to be. I'm not sure it will ever get easier.

Thursday--My brother found out that he got a teaching position! I am beyond happy for him! He is going to teach 7th grade math (blech!) at a middle school near where we grew up. He is thrilled to no longer be working at the grocery store he has worked at for a LONG time. I am SO proud of him!! :)

Friday--today was Parent/Student orientation. It went mostly well, but I had the usual issues. Parents who want to change classes for one reason or another, parents who aren't happy with the size of the class, parents who aren't happy with the teacher(s) that their child will have. I havve learned that, as a principal, I also have to be a diplomat/politician. What I want to say is almost always different from what I actually say. Jobs are hard to come by these days and I want to keep mine. ;)

Friday night--although today wasn't fantastic, I am looking forward to tomorrow. I am going to an open air market in the city and then hopefully visiting some of the local "touristy" things. Museums, monuments, etc. I don't go into the city nearly as often as I should. I have also decided that, sometime this fall, I am going to go to a county fair (I've only ever been to one and I want to experience it again) and I am going to take a bus to NY city. I {heart} NYC. Although I have only been there once, that was all it took. I found out this summer that it is reasonably cheap to ride a bus up there, spend the day, and then ride the bus home. Beats driving, trying to find parking, and paying a zillion dollars for gas.

Re-cap--one of the best things from this week? PRESEASON FOOTBALL, BABY!!!! WHOOO-HOOO (you, yes you, in the law firm in Ohio---quit rolling your eyes and being a hater.) I {HEART} ME SOME FOOTBALL!!!!!!!! I do believe that football is the only good thing about fall and winter. Ok, well, maybe not the ONLY good thing, but pretty dang close.

miss raven is doing well thankyouforasking. You want proof? I'm happy to oblige!

See--I told you? Look at that face! The picture of contentment. What a sweetie she is! :)

Here's hoping that next week is just a wee bit calmer....

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