Sunday, August 16, 2009

A wonderful way to end my week....

So my week wasn't the greatest, but it ended on a very lovely note.

I spent the entire day in the city yesterday. I don't go into the city near as much as I want to. I always SAY that I am going to go in and do things, but I rarely ever do it. Yesterday, I did.

Eastern Market is one of my most favorite places. It is so eclectic. I love looking at the artwork, and the jewelry, and the fresh produce, and the clothes, and the flowers, and most of all, I LOVE looking at the people! There are so many interesting people at Eastern Market.

After the market, I went to the Library of Congress, and then around the Capitol to the Botanical Gardens.
I love the architecture in the city. There are so many interesting buildings here. After looking at the flowers and plants I went to eat lunch. There is a really nice Mexican restaurant (Oyamel) near the National Gallery and since that was going to be my next stop I figured I would try it. I've never had tapas before and it was pretty cool. It is very hard for me to find authentic Mexican food up here and I am VERY picky about the Mexican food that I eat. This was good, though. Very good.

On to the National Gallery. Sorry, no pictures for you from there. My favorite exhibit there is the Calder exhibit. If you're ever in the neighborhood, check it out. :)

Starbucks was next. You didn't think I would go through the whole weekend without it, did you?? Venti Mocha Light Frapp. To quote my favorite 10 year old..."It was like a party in my mouth." :)

After sitting for a while at Starbucks I walked to the Korean War Memorial by way of the White House and the Ellipse.
It was a beautiful day and I was so happy. I ended up at the Lincoln Memorial. The top of the Lincoln is my most favorite place in all of the city. I LOVE to sit at the top, look out over the reflecting pool at the Washington Monument and the Capitol, and just generally watch people.
I love how the view changes as night falls.
And then the city lights come on.
I'm sure that there are other nice places in the city, but that is my absolute favorite. Anyone who will take the time to walk all the way there with me and sit there with me is someone special. Only a handful of people have ever done that for me.
I got home late, but it was worth it. I needed that day. I needed to not have to think about work and just relax. This week is going to be stressful and walking around a beautiful city on a beautiful day was enough to prepare me for what is to come.....I hope. :)

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