Tuesday, September 15, 2009

just a little randomness...

I really feel the need to blog today but I have nothing to blog about. I mean...I DO have a lot on my mind and I have much I COULD say but nothing seems to want to come out of my brain right now. At least not coherently. However, since I know SOMEone in OHIO wants to read my blog (hey--at least someone wants to read it!), I will do my best to come up with SOMEthing.

I am actually having issues at work right now and am trying to decide what is going to be the best course of action for me. I always seem to be at odds with my direct supervisor. Without getting too specific, I feel like he doesn't think that I should be in the position that I am in. I think he feels like someone else could do the job better than me. That may be right (and many times I think it is) however, I am the principal NOW and for this year. I wish so much that he would LISTEN to me and respect me. I work hard to show him respect but many times feel like it is not a two-way street.

The one thing in my favor is that my new administrator does have confidence in me and does believe that I can do my job. That makes me feel better. Knowing that he has confidence in me makes things a wee bit better at work. Right now I am so stressed out every day at work that there are days when I dread having to go back. I am wondering if it would be better for me to go back to the classroom and teach again. I mean, I never said when I was growing up "Gee--I want to be a principal someday." I have ALWAYS wanted to be a teacher, though. Even on the days when I had a horrible time in the classroom, I have always wanted to teach. I miss being in the classroom. I miss the interaction with the kids. I miss all the fun games and things that I was able to do in the classroom. I have some big decisions to make.

The weather is getting much cooler. It is the middle of September and I am dreading what is to come. Have I mentioned that I HATE winter? Cold and I do not get along. I bought a new sweater over the weekend and, while I love it (it is a pretty purple heather), it is a SWEATER. Sweaters+cold=a very sad melicity. A very sad melicity, indeed.

miss raven is wonderful! I took her for little walk when I got home from work. She loves going for a walk and since it wasn't too hot I was able to take her today. She makes me so happy. Even after I have had a HORRIBLE day at work, I can always look forward to coming home to her. No matter what kind of day I have had she is ALWAYS happy to see me. She smiles at me, she wriggles her whole body, she is absolutely thrilled to see me. She doesn't care how many kids are on the detention list, how many parents are ticked at me, how often my supervisor has messed with my mind. All she cares about is the fact that the center of her universe (that would be me-duh!) is home and will love all over her.
And that makes us BOTH happy. :)

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