Monday, October 12, 2009

The leaves, they are a changing...

It is definetly fall. If I am supremely lucky I will get one more go-round of warm(ish) weather thanks to Indian summer, but the cold is creeping, er, forcing itself upon me. That makes me sad.

It's chilly today. I have a pumpkin candle and a mulled cider candle burning and they smell delicious. I had a yummy cup of pumpkin coffee while I snuggled in my bed perusing my brand new crochet book. (The book is FABULOUS! I can't WAIT to make most of the stuff in there!) The only thing missing was pumpkin coffee creamer. Someone PLEASE start stocking your shelves with it. I am getting DESPERATE! miss raven is snuggled with me. I love when she looks at me with her sleepy face. She is beyond sweet.

I had a nice weekend. It was very relaxing and I didn't think of school once. Not until I checked my e-mail a few hours ago to find that someone that I was depending on to do something tomorrow bailed on me at 4:37 this morning. Now mind you, I'm not in charge of what they were supposed to be doing anymore because it got taken away from me. I will most likely be told to fix it, though. I know I am being outrageously vague, but, in this day and age, where ANYONE can find out things online, I don't want to be accused of anything. Jobs are hard to come by right now and I have bills to pay.

Football was good to me this weekend. My COWBOYS won!!!! Whoo-hoo!!! (Although, when you are playing a team that is 0-4, should you REALLY need to go into DOUBLE overtime to beat them? I think not!) My LONGHORNS won!!!!! Hook 'em Horns! The Buckeyes won. Yea. I mean...YEA!!!!!! :) AND.....if all that wasn't good enough....the redskins LOST!!!!! Yes, indeed, it was a good football weekend for me.

If March (spring) comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, what is to be said about October (fall)? Someone tell me, please.....

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