Saturday, October 31, 2009

somethings gotta give.....

I used to blog a lot more often. It isn't that I haven't WANTED to blog. It is pretty much that I have been too stressedoutdepressedsadconfusedangryworried to blog. Catch all that? ;)

Things at work at chaotic. Not always bad, but not as good as before. I received some verybadnews this week that I am in the process of (a) trying to comprehend, (b) still trying to absorb, and (c) figuring out how to appeal. It is a rather crushing blow to know that you have poured your entire being into your job only to be told that you don't really deserve all your vacation time so ohbytheway you lose a week. (sigh)

Because of all the stress at work I haven't been sleeping well. The other night I didn't fall asleep until almost two in the morning. I am a person who MUST have her sleep. I was beyond exhausted on Friday and it showed. (Nothing better than a high schooler telling you how rough you look. : P ) I slept late this morning but still ended up with a wicked migraine this afternoon. It is just now almost gone. It was the kind of migraine where you think you just might puke if one more thing penetrates your brain.

Poor miss raven has been so patient. I feel like I never spend enough time with her anymore. Right now she is laying at the foot of the bed chewing on her back paw. She is so talented--the only doggie I know that can fit her ENTIRE back paw into her mouth. Lol! She gnaws on it for a while and then cleans out her ear. She is such a clean little girl. :) The other night she was missing me so much that she sat on my lap, looked up at me with her little head on my chest, and sighed. I rubbed under her chin for a while and she was so happy. I plan on spending most of the day adoring her tomorrow. She deserves it. :)

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