Tuesday, November 3, 2009

i have no witty title for this post...

Today wasn't as good as yesterday but it wasn't hellish, either. That's a plus. I'm a little leery about saying something like that because it IS only Tuesday. There is still a looonngg way to go in this week. I did manage to survive having two teachers and an assistant out today, though. I am hoping that everyone shows up tomorrow.

Where has common sense gone? When did it go away? When did it become ok for a child to make decisions that are a parent's responsibility? When did parents start taking the word of their child over the word of the teacher? Where did personal responsibility go? When did it become ok with parents for their child to not pay attention in class and/or disrupt the class and then blame the teacher for their child's poor grades? Why did I leave the classroom and why did I think that I could make a difference in an office?

I don't feel like I have an impact any more. I don't feel like I make a difference any more. I feel like I put out fires all the time. This teacher is angry. That teacher is fed up. That student doesn't care. That parent doesn't think that their child did anything wrong. Deadlines don't mean anything anymore. We bend over backwards to provide things for students but they don't seem to care. Things that they haven't had before. Things that we know that they need. Why do they resist when we try to help them? Why do they think we are "pressed"? Why do they grumble and complain when asked to do something that a million other children in a thousand other schools have to do? Why don't they see how much we care about them?

Sometimes I think this is the most thankless job.

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  1. You DO make a difference! You keep your areas running smoothly and hold kids accountable, which will benefit them in the future. MANY kids look up to you and not all of them are bad. Thank you for all you do (there, you can't say it's a thankless job anymore :) ). Besides, you wouldn't want to be an undertaker--now THERE'S a job with clients who can't thank you!