Monday, November 9, 2009

Not me Monday!'s time for another Not Me Monday! This ohsofun confessional was started by MckMama and is really all about confessing things better left, ummmmm....unsaid. ;) MckMama didn't post a Not Me Monday today because she is with her sweet little boy in a hospital in Boston. My thoughts and prayers are with her. If you want to read some of her past Not Me Monday posts, head on over to her blog.

Anyway--here goes!

I did not have several "practice" conversations with myself today before dealing with an insubordinate teacher only to then forget everything I had planned on saying and have to wing it and be annoyed with myself because I had a GREAT speech planned.

I did not break out the Christmas music this weekend. I have very specific rules about listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving and I would NEVER break those rules.

I did not change my mind about a decision that I made months ago. I am a very decisive person. Once I make a decision I stand by it and never change my mind.

I did not hang an editorial cartoon mocking the Washington Redskins on my office door today. That would be mean, childish, and petty. All things that I am not. Ever.

I did not dream last night that my DALLAS COWBOYS beat the Philadelphia Eagles. Football is "only" a game and I am mature enough to understand that. I would never dream about my team beating a hated divisional rival only to wake up, turn on the Blackberry, and discover that my dream came true.

And, even if I did dream that, I would never, and I mean NEVER, delay going to work just to watch as many ESPN stories as I could about said victory. That could be considered obsession and I am NOT obsessed about football.

I am so not obsessed about football that I did not send my dad a text message this morning telling him that the COWBOYS beat the Eagles. Nor did I send an e-mail to a parent friend of mine also proclaiming the victory.

Phew! That felt good. All this "non" confessing is good for the soul. :)

Oh--you want to know if miss raven has any "Not Me's?" Of course she does!!!

miss raven did not:

consume an entire mini rawhide, sweet potato flavored bone in one sitting last night. She is much to lady-like to be that big of a pig. after not devouring the bone she also did not sit on my chest, look sweetly at me, and then belch in my face. Again, way too lady-like.

bark furiously at a helicopter this afternoon on our walk. She is much too smart to think that, by barking, she could scare the thing away.

look unbeliveably proud of herself when said helicopter flew away and then look at me as if to say "aren't you so glad I am along to save you from such a scary beast?"

miss raven thanks you for allowing her to not-confess, also. She, too, feels much better. :)

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