Monday, November 30, 2009

Not me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me Monday! Feel free to read on about the things I did not do.

I did not get home from Ohio in 5 hours and 53 minutes yesterday. To arrive home that quickly would mean that I would have been speeding at various points along the way which I did not do. I never speed. That's dangerous.

I did not put up a countdown on the message board in my kitchen listing how many school days until Christmas vacation. Like I said before, I love my job and never ever want a day off. Ever.

I did not spend my entire trip home wondering if I would make it in time for football. It's just a game.

I did not root for the redskins to beat the eagles yesterday. I hate both teams and generally wish the game would end in a tie. A zero-zero tie.

Anything you did not do that you would like to confess? I'm all ears.... ;)

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