Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time ( is a fairy tale), in a farway land, there was a town called Skoolandia. Skoolandia was a fairly peaceful town, bigger than some, not as big as others. The people of Skoolandia were generally happy people. Oh, don't get me wrong. Skoolandia had it's fair share of issues, just like all towns, but the people of Skoolandia always worked together to solve their problems.

Skoolandia had gone through some changes that left some people feeling a bit unsettled. The Leader that they had come to respect and love had left, sadly in the midst of some controversy. Skoolanians were a hardy people though, and they rallied around each other, supporting each other until a new Leader could be found.

After much searching, someone was brought forth as the new Leader. This person seemed to be ready to meet the challenge of leading the Skoolandians. The new Leader said all the right things and made all the right promises. Visions of new buildings and growth were put forth and the people of Skoolandia were excited about the future.

Sadly, it didn't take long before the true nature of the new Leader was revealed to some. Arrogance and pride reared their ugly heads until there were some in Skoolandia that were physically ill because of the tension. Some Skoolandians began to wonder if they would have to leave their beloved land forever. Other Skoolandians were terrified that they would be banished from the land that they loved. A darkness began to creep across Skoolandia and the fear and sadness was palpable. There was no more smiling in Skoolandia.

Finally, the Wise Ones came together. They discussed what was happening in Skoolandia. They wondered what could be done. Should the leader be given more time? Surely such a young leader could be counted on to heed advice from ones wiser, to change and become more like the Skoolandians. But the leader wasn't from Skoolandia and didn't truly understand the Skoolandians. The leader had an agenda all his own and wanted the Skoolandians to become more like him. The Wise Ones, for they were indeed wise, saw this and made a tough decision. They would tell the Leader that he must leave Skoolandia and not come back.

The news of this change brought great happiness and rejoicing to the people of Skoolandia. The dark cloud was lifted and the fear was gone. The people trusted the Wise Ones and knew that the future of Skoolandia was once again bright. There was smiling in Skoolandia once more.


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  1. Hmmm...sounds familiar, but I guess it's only a fairy tale. I wonder what the future holds for Skoolandia? I hope the banished Leader doesn't enchant the Young Ones of the town and lead them astray like the Pied Piper in an attempt to exact revenge on the Wise Ones!