Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Those (five) of you that follow my blog know that there are many things about my workplace that aren't perfect--shocker, I know. ;) I've shared some things here on my blog but there are things that I haven't shared, too.

My job can be very frustrating at times. Between problems with students, parents, and teachers, I have my hands full on a daily basis. There are times when I think that maybe I should move on...the grass always seems greener somewhere else.

As much as my job, and yes, sometimes my co-workers, frustrate me, though, I still LOVE where I work. I wouldn't have stayed for SIXTEEN years (sheesh, even seeing that "in print" still doesn't make it seem real!) if Ididn't love it.

That being said, it bugs me to no end when someone runs my school down. It's kind of like a sibling relationship. I can call my brother a moron if I want to, heck, I look at it as a God-given right as the oldest child (love ya, Matt!!!), but seriously, God help the person who messes with him. They WILL answer to me and I promise it WON'T be nice. No one messes with my family. I feel the same way about my school and the people I work with and the students that I teach.

Recently we went through some painful times at school. Changes were made and things are looking better and we are THANKFUL for that. Today, while I was on Facebook (because yes, I am a Facebook-a-holic, aren't you??) a former co-worker (and by former I mean left-the-school-over-TEN-years-ago) decided that it would be appropriate to sarcastically mock MY school publicly. I took offense to that and felt that I needed to stick up for MY school. So I did. I tried very hard to not be offensive, because really, I HATE controversy and conflict, but I just couldn't let it slide. Dude, yes, things happened that shouldn't have happened, but the people that did it aren't even there anymore! Are you happy being bitter? How is mocking the school making you feel any better, really? The thing is, the person that is doing this isn't a "bad" person. I like them and their family. But I am not going to put up with someone "messing" with my school.

There is no perfect workplace. I wish there was. I think. Although, it might be boring. Really. And it could be worse. I could have clients who deposit bags of dead lice on my desk. But then again, I don't work in a law firm in Ohio. ;)

I need ideas for future posts. Hey you--you five followers out there--got any ideas? miss raven and I would like to know. We have inquiring minds.

Oh! Almost forgot! Guess who wanted to talk to me today????
Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She even "showed" me her brown bunny over the phone! Miss you, sweetie!!! :)

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