Tuesday, January 5, 2010


That is the title of this post. I am going to try mightily to not complain, but I am beyond frustrated. Not by one thing in particular, but by a host of things.

First--work. Work is so frustrating. What I used to love I now dread. Should I really need to be freaking out every day wondering if I am going to have a job the next? I didn't get into education to manage adults. I expect that adults will do what I tell them to do when I tell them to do it, not give me a million billion reasons why they can't. A very good friend of mine was treated like crap at work this week. I am frustrated because I can't do anything to help her. She didn't deserve what was done to her but because of the powers that be, there isn't anything she can do except suck it up and deal with it.

Second--hypocrisy. Oh how this one drives me up a wall! Now please understand, I am by no means perfect nor am I without my own hypocrisy at times. In fact, sometimes I feel like the BIGGEST hypocrite in the world for various and sundry reasons. However, when an adult stands in front of a child (no matter how old that child may be), acts one way, and then the complete opposite when they think no one is watching, WHY is that adult surprised when the child acts the same way? I have students who act SUPER DUPER holy at school, especially in chapel, then seem to forget that their facebook pages are visible to all. Who do I direct the brunt of my frustration at, though, the kids or the adults that have taught them how to act like that?

and Third--worry. Worry is a frustration that drives me up a wall. I know I'm not supposed to worry. Give it over to God and all that. I try. I really, REALLY, try not to worry. I don't succeed. I worry. Alot. About alot of things. Mostly things I can't control. Not having control worries me.

Have you missed miss raven? Well, then, here she is!

Awwwww.....she missed you, too! :)

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