Saturday, January 9, 2010

Next on the request list....

is my crochet.

(You're welcome BFF. Hope this keeps you somewhat entertained this morning at the law firm. In freezing cold Ohio. I miss you. Thanks for being my BFF and for sharing in my happy news from Thursday. You are the most awesome person I know. :) )

So, while I was away over the holiday I found this book that has nothing but patterns for crochet food. The first thought I had, as soon as I saw it, was "OMG! The niece and nephew would L-O-V-E these!!!!!" So of course, the book was purchased.

I had so much fun making the stuff in the book. The patterns were quick and easy. The possibilities are endless and I even came up with something on my own. New Year's Eve my brother and sister-in-law had some of their friends over for a get together. The friends also have small children. The small children loved the food and so did the parents. So I may have a few orders coming in. I just have to create a price list. I might need some help with that.

Anyway--here are some pictures of the bountiful feast:

Breakfast first:

Toast triangles, fried eggs, and bacon. I loved the "face" look!

A short-stack of pancakes. Sorry, no syrup.

Strawberry and chocolate toaster pastries.

Lunch meat, lettuce, tomato, and Swiss cheese on wheat bread.

A better view of the Swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomato.

Mini cheeseburger and an apple.

And of course, PB&J! :)
Chicken leg.

Slice of pepperoni pizza.

A taco! :)
and of course, dessert: Ice cream drumstick.

Ice cream sandwich.

Chocolate chip cookies, no nuts.

A stack of Oreos, regular AND double-stuff. :)

And one more for good measure...

A cute little strawberry.

So, what do you think?? The kids loved them and loved playing with them. There are more patterns in the book that I have yet to try, and some of the ones I have done I can adapt. The ice cream drumstick can be made into a regular ice cream cone and I can change the flavors. The pop tart possibilities and the pizza possibilities are also endless. And because I am the auntie....I don't have to have a reason to send a present! :) didn't think you were going to get a post without a picture of her, did you?

I love miss raven so much!

BTW--this is my 100th post!! :) Sadly, no confetti floated down from the ceiling when I hit "publish post." Maybe that comes after the 1,000th post. Hmmmmmm......

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