Wednesday, January 20, 2010

some random thoughts.....

there is no rhyme or reason to this post so if you feel that you can keep up with my brain's randomness tonight, read on, dear reader.

what is the matter with children these days? where has the sense of entitlement come from? do i blame the kids or do i blame the parents that have raised them to act the way they do? i managed, though much giving and begging, to get the powers that be to agree to a DANCE for our high school students. now mind you, in the approximately 45 year history of our school, there has NEVER, EVER been a DANCE. EVER. NEVER EVER. ok. i think you get my point. anyway. now there is a dance. and......are you ready for this? THE STUDENTS ARE COMPLAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think my head may spin around completely and fly off. really. if anyone can explain this to me, i would be eternally grateful. seriously.

it may snow friday. i am rather hoping it does. if it snows on friday, along with possibly not having school, all homecoming festivities will be moved to saturday thus cancelling the dance. is it bad that my evil side hopes that happens so the dance gets cancelled?

i exercised for an hour tonight. i'm not sure how much it really counts when you exercise on a wii, but i had fun. and i realized how little rhythm i have. but i had fun and that's all that counts, right? and now my legs are sore.

i have gained 13 pounds since october. do you know how depressing it is to get on the wii balance board and hear it go "oooooohhhhhh". like it is really thinking "GET OFF ME YOU BIG FAT COW!!!!!" when my mii porked out after it weighed me i wanted to cry. really. when a machine complains about you it is sad. that's why i exercised for an hour this afternoon.

although i was REALLY frustrated by the COMPLAINERS this afternoon, i did not spiral into an eateverythingavaliable frenzy as i am sometimes wont to do. and i did have a bag of sugar-free chocolate covered almonds in my desk drawer. i REALLY, REALLY wanted to eat them. ALL of them. i was THAT frustrated/depressed/irritated/sad/angry. but i didn't. thank you BFF and roommate. they talked me off the ledge. i am grateful. very grateful.

miss raven doesn't like the wii. when i am on the wii she hides in the bedroom. where she to be out in the living room, i am confident that she would laugh at me. especially when i am doing the hula hoop game. although i am a calorie incinerator at that game. the wii told me so.

i found out last night that i can get facebook on my tv. hehehehehe!!!!!!!! i {heart} facebook. i spent time last night looking through my photo albums. large screen pictures of miss raven. awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she appreciated seeing herself on tv. i think.

i have discovered the joys of hulu! now i can catch up on 24. now THERE is one freaking confusing show! and really. how many more days like that can jack bauer have? seriously.

i must now go put a load of towels into the dryer. if you have read this far, you deserve some sort of prize. really.


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  1. I read to the end, so what's my prize...??? :) Well, I'm glad I talked you off the eating ledge, but I ended up falling off the edge myself today! Grrr...