Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello, Monday....

Is it me or does Monday come around too fast?

I had a great weekend, though. I got to spend some time with a good friend and miss raven got to hang out with her mini me. Don't you just love being with someone who totally gets you? I only know a couple of people like that so when I get to be with one of them I ALWAYS enjoy myself.

I got a really nice e-mail from another friend of mine. It is always nice to know that there are people out there that really do appreciate what you do at work. You know, instead of hanging up on you. ;)

I got an e-mail from my nephew today. I told you he was brilliant! It was a book that he created online. Little Red Riding Hood and a Giant. I see a Pulitzer in the kid's future. Really.

My BFF is REALLY coming to visit!!!! I am SOOOOOO excited! Really. I absolutely can't wait until she comes!!! We are going to have so much fun!!!

I am obviously Not Me-ing today. Get over it.

I Wii-ed today. A machine should not make me feel this guilty. It made some snarky little comment about not having seen my for 15 days (yes, it WAS that long. Do not feel it necessary to add to my guilt thankyouverymuch.). I think I might be sore tomorrow but I am getting better at skate boarding but not so much at snowboarding although it did unlock the advanced course for me. That ought to be interesting. I also kicked butt in the super hula hoop. I unlocked the next level for that, too. Now I can hula hoop for ten minutes. THAT ought to be funny. I tell you what, though, that REALLY gets my heart beating fast. I also did yoga--the sun salutation. I looked at some of the other yoga positions and just had to laugh. There is no WAY my body is going to do THAT. I am NOT that flexible. Really.

Speaking of the Wii, guess what I found at Target? A PINK Wii remote! Whoo-hoo!!!! Saving pennies for that! :)

One final thought of randomness.....tonight at 5:15 guess what I saw outside? DAYLIGHT!!!!! It was still light outside! Gaining minutes every day and LOVING it! Summer is coming. Really! :)


  1. Well, now I'm showing on here 3 times with 3 different spellings of my name?!! WTF? Ain't technology great? NOT! I think there's a law somewhere that says if your over 20 your gonna suck at technology. I know I sure do...LOL We'll have to get Raven and her mimmie-me together again soon. I think they had almost as much fun as we did :)

  2. Your BFF is SOOOO excited to be coming over tooooooo!!!!!!!!