Monday, February 8, 2010

I am....

I shoveled for 2 more hours today.

See above.

Hearing that we are supposed to get up to 10 more inches of snow tomorrow/Wednesday does not make me happy.

Please quit blaming my teachers when your kid doesn't tell you something big like, oh, I don't know, they aren't doing well in the class. Oh, and please quit complaining that they have a "c" in the class. Math is their best subject, not Grammar. Deal with that. I'm sorry to be the first to inform you that your child is not the genius you think.

My dad had hip replacement surgery today and it went well.
We still have our power and many people don't.
My job is way better than it was a few months ago.
I have good neighbors.
My brother is awesome.
My BFF is also awesome.
Shoveling copious amounts of snow is a good way to burn off the calories obtained from Super Bowl parties.
I have a heated house.
I have the sweetest puppy EVER! :)

....glad that my thankful list is way longer than my complaining list. :)

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  1. I always enjoy your blog! I usually respond by e-mail, but I thought I would try making a comment directly this time. Looking forward to reading your next post, while being snowed in yet another 36 hours.