Tuesday, February 9, 2010

so here we snow again...

yes. that is snow. more snow. because, you know, this:
just wasn't enough.

have i mentioned that i am not particularly fond of snow? recently, i mean?

my roommate and i ventured out today. she drove. i am a chicken. i'm not ashamed to admit it. bock, bock, bock. that's me. we went to Barnes & Noble (because she's nice like that and took me there so i could get the latest issue of my crochet magazine. i promise to make you a hat soon!), Wal-Mart (that was interesting. i did get the fixin's to make an interesting "baking" project tomorrow, because, well, you know, no school....again.), Home Depot (shovel? hahahahhaha!!!! ice melt, yes!), and the grocery store (oh! the lines!!!!). we made it home safely (because she is a rockstar thankyouverymuch.) and commenced with yet more shoveling. you know, because we haven't done enough in the last two days. i am happy to announce that, for a brief moment today, we could actually see the road! now, it looks like this...again.
because i was bored today (and, do you know, i couldn't remember what day it was!), i made these:
peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate frosting. thankfully we were able to give away all but the two we saved. you know, for us. can i just say that they were, perhaps, one of THE best things i have EVER baked? E.V.E.R. they aren't "pretty" but what they lack in looks they beyond make up for in taste. peanut butter and chocolate? can't go wrong with that!

miss raven is doing well. i knew you would want to know. she is the sweetest little girl ever. she has been so happy that i have been home for all of these days. she is NOT happy about the tiny little patch of grass i have cleared for her. she looks at the mountain o' snow and is very angry with it. as angry as a nine and a half pound chihuahua can get. which, let me tell you, is pretty angry. she is not angry in this picture.
she is just cute. ;)

disclaimer: yes, that is my bed. yes, it is unmade. yes, i should have made it, seeing as how i have been home for the last five days. no, i don't care what you think of me or my housekeeping skills. :P

thanks to all who have been commenting lately. it warms the cockles of my heart. wherever they may be. i've never quite figured that out. do you see them in this picture?
yes, i made this. you know, for single-awareness day on sunday.

anyway...keep the comments coming. i need something to read while i am snowed in. still. it's the groundhog's fault. really. i think i hate the groundhog. really.

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  1. From BFF---Have I ever told you how much I love your blog? If not, well then I DOOOOO I read it EVERY morning faithfully! I even re read it sometimes. I do hope that you dig out and don't get too sore, well more sore. One last thing, I waited up all night for my cupcake and you never brought it... ;P