Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Go away!

Oh, I was talking to the rain. Not you!!!! I don't want you to go away. As a matter of fact, I would like to have more of you. :) The rain...not so much.

Day 2 of backtoschoolafterspringbreak was not too bad. Busy again, but again expected. I got some kind-of good news about something (sorry for the vagueness. as soon as i can, i will be more specific) that made me not as stressed out as I have been.

Chapel today was amazing. It was something that we have needed for a long time. It still continues to amaze me how one person's actions and attitudes (our previous admin.) can have such a long-lasting effect on the actions/attitudes of the students. God is good, though, and faithful, and I think that the many prayers that have been lifted up are now being answered in a positive way. Many of us are very happy about that. We still have a long way to go but we are seeing a slight shift in the attitudes of some. For the good. :)

Because of the rain miss raven and I couldn't go for a walk again today. She was most unhappy about that however, she did enjoy a good romp with catzilla. My roommate has a cat. A large cat. A large six-toed cat. Catzilla. The good thing about catzilla is that she actually plays with miss raven. That THRILLS my girlie! She has finally figured out how to get the cat to chase her and miss raven LOVES to run. :) It's kind of funny to watch them but what is even funnier is that, when miss raven sees me watching them, she stops and acts like they weren't doing anything.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and that means that my week is halfway over. Yea! I can't wait for the weekend. :)


  1. Six toes--all the better to chase with! And clarification to all--Catzilla is not her real name, but a slanderous misnomer!

  2. Oh trust me, while "catzilla" might not be her REAL name, it is NO misnomer! ;)

  3. Oh if miss raven would play with my dogs like she does with catzi...Ella... :)

  4. LOL!!!!!! "CAZI" Yea, poor Buddy. She will never love him the was he loves her.