Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh really?

Don't you just love when someone decides to not take the blame for something that they have done and chooses, instead, to lay the blame at your feet?

"If you had only done _______ then I wouldn't be in this mess."

That very phrase (with the blank filled in, of course) has been said to me and about me recently. Funny thing, though. The problem is NOT of my making and is not my fault. It's funny, kind of, that the blame is being laid on me, though.

Oh really? How about bucking up and owning up to what you have done to get yourself into the mess that you are in. You know, kind of like a grown-up?


First day back at school after a semi-long vacation wasn't too bad. Make no mistake, it was SUPER busy, but wasn't anything more than what I expected. I was seriously busy all day long but the good part about that is that it made my day go by much, much faster. One down, four to go, and don't forget, I get to go off campus for lunch on Friday! SUH-weet! :)

I have tentative plans to go to Eastern Market on Saturday. Don't hate, BFF, it isn't nice. Hopefully it won't rain so that I can go. If it rains I'll have to come up with something else, but I am really wanting to get my Eastern Market fix. It's been a while since I've been there and I am missing it.

As you can already see, this isn't a Not Me! Monday. I wasn't creative enough to come up with things I didn't do, although last week I'm sure I didn't do alot. Yeah, that confused even me! :)

miss raven is doing well. She went for a teeny-tiny walk today. Not nearly long enough as far as she was concerned. I needed to get back and fix dinner, though. (Tacos, baby! And they were yummy!) During our walk, she managed to bark ferociously at the scary sirens that might attack me. A girl can never be too careful, you know. She is such a good protector, what can I say? ;)

Hope your Monday was wonderful and your Tuesday is even better!

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  1. Ok dear BFF here is you comment... ;P
    OH how I WISH that I could go to Eastern Market with you this Saturday!!!! Do think of me as I am STUCK here in Ohio!!! ;)