Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's my bloggy and I'll post if I want to....

It's my one year blog anniversary!!!!  One year in the blogging world.  A whole year and 11 9 followers.  But we won't talk about that right now.
I must say,  this whole blogging thing has been quite interesting.  I love being able to "write" out my thoughts, even when they are random and/or disorganized.  It is really cathartic, for me anyway.

Oh!  Did you notice??  I FINALLY found the "strikethrough" button!!!  Yes!  I feel like I have taken a huge step into the blog world! ;)

Anyway--in honor of my one year blogaversary and in (hopeful) honor of the good news I will (hopefully) get later on this week or the beginning of next week, I am venturing in to the wide world of the giveaway!!!!

One lucky reader will get to choose either a handmade shawl, much like this one:

a handmade hat/scarf set either for themselves or a family member.  Either will be in your choice of colors. :)

All you have to do is leave a comment on my comments page.  One comment is all it takes to be entered.  Seeing as how generally only 4 of you comment, you have a pretty good chance at winning!  I will chose a winner (randomly) on Thursday.  If it seems like I am using this contest as a shameless way to collect comments, well, you're right.  I confess. :)

Hmmmmmmm.....maybe I'll have some chocolate to celebrate this momentous occasion........



  1. How bout givin' away some of that chocolate yer eatin'?!

  2. LOVE the new look!!! HAPPYONEYEARBLOGAVERSARY!!!!!!!!! whhoooohooooo!!!!!!!!

    by the way that "strikethrough" button is really cool!!!! :)