Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some days I think I really rock it...

and today would be one of those days. ;)

I am really, really tired right now but it is a good tired.  The kind of tired where you feel like you have really accomplished something.  I'm that kind of tired.

After work today I went to the old house and collected yet another truck full of stuff.  I didn't quite get everything out of the house (omg!  who knew I had so many pairs of shoes?!?) but almost.  I got home and unloaded everything, put most of it away, started re-organizing the spare room, and emptied more boxes.  When I got my second wind I went to Wal-mart because I needed to get a new microwave (did I tell you about the other one?  ewwww.  Trust me, it was NASTY.), a toaster, and some other odds and ends.  I drove past the sheds at Lowe's to get an idea of how much they were.  A new one would run me about $400, which I don't have right now.  Instead, I bought some heavy-duty plywood type board (2 panels? sheets?) and brought them home.  I lugged them to the shed and thankfully they fit.  I'm not sure what I would have done if they hadn't.  Anyway, it is only a temporary (and inexpensive) fix, but it will do for now.  I can now bring over all the shed stuff from the other place tomorrow after work and then clean on Thursday.  After Thursday I should be done there for good.

I am now sitting on the couch watching the finale of this season's Biggest Loser.  I am thirsty but, at the moment, I am too tired to get up to get something to drink.  So instead, would you like to see some new pictures of the house? :)

The kitchen:

The living room:
So, what do you think??  I love it!!! :)

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  1. Ok so I had to laugh at the statement, "(omg! who knew I had so many pairs of shoes?!?)" That was FUNNY!!!! Honestly, other than my sister, you are the only person thatI know of that has THAT many shoes! ;P
    I L-O-V-E-L-O-V-E-L-O-V-E your new house!!!!
    You have it looking 'so you' already!
    Can't wait to see it in person! :)