Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thankful Thursday!!!

Today was a lovely, albeit crazybusy, day.  Eighth grade graduation, 6th and 7th grade awards ceremony, packing, packing, and more packing.  My morning was a whirlwind of nonstop activity.  I didn't sit down (for real) until almost noon.  I was sitting during the graduation, but I had to sit on stage so that doesn't really count. ;)

I am thankful for the BEAUTIFUL weather today.  When I was leaving school this afternoon I noticed that it was 81 degrees!  My kind of weather!

I am thankful that the graduation went well.  I was a little worried (I always am) but it was for naught.  Everything went well and the parents seemed happy.  And the 8th graders are G-O-N-E, baby, gone!

Tomorrow is the last day of school for 6th and 7th grade.  Tomorrow is also a half day.

I got more stuff packed today.  I gave myself permission to not do everything that I had planned yesterday and I am ok with that.  Mostly.  I did start packing up stuff in my room and that makes me feel a wee bit better.  Mostly.

I have really good friends that assured me I don't have to have EVERYTHING done before Saturday.  That is a good thing because I kind of really felt like I needed to have EVERYTHING packed up before Saturday.  I really thought I could get it all done and I think that is why I was freaking out yesterday.  Don't get me wrong.  I still have A LOT to do but I am not freaking out as much as I was yesterday.  Um.  Mostly.

What are you thankful for?? :)


  1. So glad to hear that you have calmed down a bit and are not so freaked out. We'll get it down trust me :) I am thankful for:
    a great husband.
    a healthy child
    wonderful friends (Chris and Melissa)
    a job
    a nice house and
    the best dog in the world!

  2. Nice to hear that you have chilled out a bit...I know you too well to know that you haven't chilled out all the way. ;P Love ya! :)
    What am I thankfull for:
    1. The GREATEST kid in the entire world.
    2. A great husband.
    3. The most BESTEST BFF a person could ask for!!!
    4. A crazy family that I adore!
    I could go on and on, but this is not my blog, I don't have a blog. ;P

  3. LoL!! You could have a blog, you know. ;)

  4. I am thankful for sunshine and my husband! :)