Friday, May 21, 2010

This is a short one....

i am exhausted and i still have so much to do.

tonight was high school graduation and, while i didn't cry as much as i thought i would, i still did cry.  this was one of the best senior classes that i can remember and i am going to miss them so much.

tomorrow is the big move.  i am going though a roller coaster of emotions.  i am excited, of course, because this is something new and something that i have always wanted.  i am sad because it is ending a ten-year chapter of my life.  i am freaking out because i still have SO much to do and i don't feel like i have gotten much done (even though i know i have).  and i am so utterly tired.

eventually, within the next week or so i am going to post more about this school year.  stuff that i haven't said before because it wasn't the time but stuff that i need to get out.  thoughts that are bouncing around.

my birdie placemats came today!  much thanks to E, from e, myself, and i.  i love them and can't wait to use them. :)

don't look for me this weekend.  i probably won't be back until sometime monday night.  please pray for me and think happy thoughts for me.  i need them this weekend. :)

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  1. You made it through the big move! Well, the majority of it. Yay! Were you so exhausted that you couldn't even bring yourself to use capital letters??!! :)