Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spa Day and (maybe) cupcakes...

No, no, no.  The spa day wasn't for me and, truthfully, it wasn't a whole day. 

When I got home from work today I walked over to the management office to given them my check for next month.  I took the girlie with me because she LOVES to go for a walk.  This time was no exception.  Sometimes I think it is difficult to tell who is walking who, though. :)  (oh--and thankfully I remembered to bring an emergency baggie for....well, you know.)

We came back from our little walk and as I was sitting on the couch administering the proper adoration rubbing her tummy, I realized that the little one needed some quality time at the groomers.  Really, I think I should get charged by what they actually have to do to her, not what the whole package offers.  Does she need to be clipped?  No.  Does she need to be brushed out?  No.  She needs a bath, a dry, and a nail clipping.  (She would like me to let you know that a massage would be nice, too.)  I get charged for everything but truly, she is more than worth it.  She smells so good now, too.  Um.  Not that she smelled bad before.  ;)

I have this amazing idea for cupcakes that I have been working on in my mind since my BFF was here in March.  Think chocolate, coffee, and more chocolate.  Sounds good to me.  I'll let you know how they turn out.  I may even take pictures for you.

Speaking of turning out....the vanilla peachberry ice cream is AWESOME.  I think the next ice cream flavor may have peppermint and chocolate in it but I'm not sure yet.

Still no word about the security deposit.  Hmmmm.

miss raven says "goodnight!"



  1. I would love to stop hearing and now reading about these cupcakes you keep describing and actually get to tasting them! ;p

  2. Nothing better then a clean dog and yummy cupcakes!!

  3. I love fresh-groomed dog :) When Amie comes back from the groomers it's like she's got puppy fur again.

  4. Still on those cupcakes huh??? LOL! The will be DELISH when you decide to make them, I know!!! :)

    Happy to hear that Miss Raven had a little diva day!