Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ten (random) Things Tuesday!

1.  miss raven is doing much better.  see:
yes, she does tend to sleep alot.

2.  new ice cream flavor:  vanilla peachberry.  i'll let you know how it is. ;)

3.  i like this picture.  what about you?

4.  i am having a rather difficult time getting my security deposit back from my former landlord.  any suggestions?

5.  the world cup is almost over.  'bout time.

6.  here is miss raven again, because i know you love her, too.
(the cookie that started all the fuss.)

7.  i also like this picture.  can you tell i have a *ahem* obsession with the beach?
i have discovered the "fix" option in my picture gallery and have had tons of fun playing with it!

8.  i miss my bff.  alot.

9. my vacation starts in three more weeks.  nine more working days.  not that i am counting or anything.

10.  one more picture of my girlie:
awwww.....look at her sweet little paw tucked under her chin. :)

bye! :) 


  1. The shell photos are cool and the Raven photos are adorable :) I don't like ice cream but enjoy your new flavour :)

  2. Love the pics!!!
    Security deposit...I know quite a few good attorneys!
    BFF misses her BFF a lot too! :(

    comment on Teresa Dawn's comment...WOW I have NEVER heard anyone say that they don't like ice cream...(lucky her!) :)

  3. @coffeegirl

    I find it too sweet. On occassion (say once a year when it's EXTREMELY hot out or I have a sore throat and can't seem to eat anything else) I will have a SMALL dish of it and say... pour real lemon juice on it to make it not so sweet... but overall, no, not a fan of the stuff haha.