Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yes, this is another post about my girl....

So if reading about her is beginning to bore you, please feel free to move on.  You won't hurt my feelings if you leave.  Much.

Just a few updates.  I will even "bullet" them for you so they aren't the marathon paragraphs that I have been writing lately.

The vet called today.  This is what she told me:
  • The fecal test came back negative.  Negative is good.  No parasites, no blood.
  • The blood work was mostly good.  Her kidney function is good and her blood cell count is good.
  • She is slightly concerned about one of her liver levels.  It seems that this particular level is slightly elevated and that could be from two things.  One, her irritated large intestine/colon and two, her plaque-y teeth.  I was again strongly urged to bring her in sometime during the next two weeks to have her teeth cleaned.  If I had the five hundred dollars, I would, dear vet.  I also would if you took payments.  Expecting me to pay it all at once, though, puts a huge roadblock in the way of clean teeth for miss raven.
  • She would like me to bring her back in a month to have her blood work redone to check her liver levels again.  Can you say cha-ching?
How is miss raven tonight?
  • No accidents when I got home.  YEA!!!!!!!!!  Believe me when I say that I heaped the praise on her about that.
  • Very lively when I got home.  Wanted to snuggle and play and kiss me lots.
  • Gave me a hour or so of semi-worry because she didn't want to eat her chickie rice right away.  After about an hour though, she came back into the living room and started eating it.  Once she finished she took her (peanut butter) pill and ate some cheerios as after dinner treats.
  • Just spent some time outside reminding the rest of the neighborhood that she is, in fact, Queen of the Universe and they are merely her subjects and exist only to do her bidding and give her something to bark about.  You know, kind of like me.
  • Fell in love.  What?  Oh, yeah.  All of the sudden she ran around the side of the house.  Of course, I went after her because I don't want her to be where I can't see her.  As I came around the corner, to my utter astonishment, miss raven was at the fence making nice with a rather large shepherd/husky mix.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Not only was she NOT giving him what-for, I swear to you she was making eyes at that dog.  Little hussy!  Move over Buddy, girlie's found a new man!!! ;)
  • Is now sleeping at my feet with her head on my foot and her back legs crossed.  Spoiled little thing.
Thank you for indulging me for the third night in a row.  I will try to find something else to blog about tomorrow.  Maybe I will tell you about the cookies that I am planning to make.  I feel a baking mood coming upon me and need to find someone to give it away to.  I am not lying when I tell you that I CANNOT keep it for myself.  I keep saying this and it keeps being true, but I NEED to lose weight.  I have seriously lost my willpower though and that is frustrating.  I need a goal to work towards.  Any suggestions??

Did you notice that I have a new follower?!?!  Welcome, T!  Nice to have you here!! :)

Have an absolutely wonderfully fantastically awesome Friday!  You deserve it!


  1. Haha, ty, I like reading about Raven :) Too funny about her new guy pal. Feel free to send the baking my way :p

  2. Message for Ms. Raven (little hussy)Buddy will still L-O-V-E you...even though you would L-O-V-E to rip his lips off every time he gets near you. ;P

    BFF I am soooo happy that you are releived now!!!! :)